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Mini Bun-less Cheeseburger Bites with Thousand Island Dip

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Kеtо Mini сhееѕеburgеrѕ оn a ѕtісk,  you’ll nеvеr miss thе bun! Low Cаrb, Gluten Frее, аnd Nо Utеnѕіlѕ rеԛuіrеd, реrfесt party food!


Little mini bites are always the hit at any party. New Year’s Eve is the biggest and most festive party for finger foods and little bites. Whether you are the host of a home party, or the attendee at a friends party, appetizers rule on this night.
Maybe because finger foods and easy appetizers that don’t require utensils make for easy, comfortable gatherings, casual conversation and the ability to move around with ease and mingle.
After the holidays like Christmas, that require lots of prep time and sit down entertaining, New Year’s Eve is a much anticipated relaxing night.


These mini burger bites encompass all things wonderful. They’re bunless so they’re low carb. They’re tiny so you can enjoy more per serving. They’re pretty and festive for company.

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